1008 Shree Mahaveer Digamber Jain Mandir

The Digamber Jain Mumukshu (desirous of liberation) Mandal in Nairobi was established on 4 June 1950 by devout followers of Pujya Gurudeva Shree Kanjiswami. He was based in Songadh, India. He was an eminent Jain saint who emphasised soul realisation being the main focus for spiritual progress instead of dogmatic rituals. He followed the teachings of Acharya Kundkunda.

In 1964, a swadhyay (स्वाध्याय) centre was established and as time went on the devotees decided to build a Shikharbandhi Jin mandir.

In 1980, what is believed to be the first Digamber mandir ever built outside India opened under the auspices of Pujya Gurudeva Shree Kanjiswami who travelled out of India for the first time at the age of 90 years. During the 26 day festivities, there were lectures by Pujya Gurudeva Shree Kanjiswami and various cultural programmes.

Blissful murtis of Lord Mahaveer, Shantinath Bhagwan and Parsvanath Bhagwan are consecrated in the temple. There are also three smaller murtis of Mahaveerswami Bhagwan (original murti before mandir built), Neminath Bhagwan and Bhavi (future) Tirthankar. There is also a murti of Simmandharswami Bhagwan in a small shrine upstairs.

Daily abhishek and poojan are performed as well as recordings of Pujya Gurudeva Shree Kanjiswami are played in the mandir.

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