Navkārshi Pachkhān

Pachkhān (vow) to have any food or water anytime 48 minutes after sunrise

This vow is taken to consume any food or water in the morning 48 minutes (2 ghadi where ghadi is defined as a time interval of 24 minutes) after sunrise.

Navkārshi Pachkhān therefore means 48 minutes after sunrise, one folds their hands, recites 3 Navkar and only then consumes food or water.

One perspective of the significance of 48 minutes is that during this time period various micro organisms that appear during the night time disappear. Modern science also advocates intermittent fasting and extending the length between meals.

It is reassuring to note that there are provisions within the vow for it not to be violated should certain transgressions occur.

This is a relatively simple pachkhan to follow and all Jains are encouraged to do so daily. All it entails is a commitment after you wake up in the morning to have your breakfast at least 48 minutes after sunrise by reciting the pachkhan below.

Uggae sure namukkāra-sahiam, mutthi-sahiam pachakkhāi ((pachkkhāmi) chauvvihampi, āhāram – asanam, pāṇam, khāimam, sāimam, anatthaṇā-bhogeṇam, sahasā-gāreṇam, mahattarā-gāreṇam, savva-samāhi-vattiyā-gāreṇam vosirai (vosirāmi)

Navkarshi Pachkhan recording by Samani Punya Pragyaji

You will renounce (vosirāmi → “I renounce”) four types of foods (i.e. eatables, liquids, fruits/nuts & mouth refreshers) 48 minutes after sunrise after folding one’s fist and reciting Namaskar Mahamantra. The vow is not violated if whatever consumed is due to the following trangressions:
out of forgetfulness
due to exceptional circumstances
upon insistence of the community / Guru
to maintain peace and equanimity whilst suffering from acute pain / disease.

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I apologise and seek pardon for any unintentional errors in translation of the verses.