Jirāwalā Parśvanāth

Exquisite murti of Shri Jirāwalā Parśvanāth Bhagwān in white color, seated in a lotus posture, 18 cms in height, is consecrated in a shrine at the foothills of Jairaj Mountain

The temple is thought to have been built in the third century by Sheth Shri Amrasa. It is said that he once saw in his dream that Guardian deity of Shri Parśvanāth Bhagwān who directed him to ceremonially install the idol lying underground in a cave outside the city of Jiravalli on the very spot near the foothills where it would be discovered after digging. Amrasa narrated the story of his dream to Jain Āchāryā Shri Devsuriji who also had a similar dream. Thereafter both Amrasa and Āchāryāshree went for searching the spot they had dreamt of and as the confluence of punya would have it, the idol of Shri Parśvanāth Prabhu was discovered. The tirth has recently gone through grand renovations and in January 2017 there was a majestic Pratistha Mahotsav.

The glory of Shri Jirāwalā Parśvanāth Bhagwān has been sung in Jain literature since eons. Even at present whenever and wherever consecration ceremonies of new temples occur, this unique Jain tirth amongst all Jain shrines is first remembered in the holy incantation “Om Hreem Sri Jirāwalā Parśvanāthāy Namah”. Many have witnessed miracles by way of extra-ordinary events and wishes of faithful devotees getting fulfilled.

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