Dar es Salaam Derasar

It is believed that after Indians started emigrating to Zanzibar, around 1885 the first Indians settled in Dar es Salaam. The Jain Sangh was officially established on 15 August 1930. Historical records provided by the Dar es Salaam Jain Sangh indicates that paryushan was first celebrated in 1929 and the first athai (8 day fast) occurred in 1943.

In 1940s a community hall was rented having a portrait of Lord Mahaveer.

On 28th August 1957 land was acquired to build a temple. The foundation stone was laid by Shah Fulchand Kalyanji Bhanji on 13 October 1957. The consecration ceremony (pratistha mahotsav) of Shitalnath Bhagwan, Ajitnath Bhagwan and Sambhavnath Bhagwan was on 27 August 1958.

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