Jain Ghāt

Varanasi is a city where the sacred river Ganga flows and is adorned with 85 ghāts (steep river banks) of which one of them is the Jain Ghāt.

This tirth on the bank of River Ganga has a temple dedicated to Supārsvanāth Bhagwān signifying four of his kalyanaks.

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Varanasi is a holy place for the Jains, Buddhists and Hindus. Varanasi derives its name from the confluence of two rivers “Varanā” and “Asi”. It is also known as Banāras or Kāsi. This city is prominent for being the land of 16 kalyanaks of four Jain tirthankars (conception, birth, renunciation and omniscience) of Supārsvanāth Bhagwān, Chandraprabhu Bhagwān, Shreyānsnāth Bhagwān and Pārśvanāth Bhagwān.

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