Shree Digamber Jain Association

Shree Digamber Jain Association (SDJA) UK was established in 1989 by devout followers of Pujya Shree Gurudeva Kanjiswami. Site for the mandir in Harrow, UK was purchased in 1993. It was transformed into a temple in 2001 during the auspicious Mahavir Jayanti festival.

There is a magnificent 61 inch Italian, white marble idol of Lord Mahaveerswami which was carved in Jaipur and consecrated in 2006. A 9″ silver murti of Lord Mahaveerswami was also consecrated at the same time. An ornate display of the 16 dreams Lord Mahaveer’s mother Trishlamata on the pillars surrounding the murti. The first murti consecrated was that of Parswanath Bhagwan (11″) on 24 August 2003. It was brought to London by learned Jain scholar Hemantbhai Gandhi. This majestic murti had originally undergone Vedi pratistha in Ranpur about 70 years ago under the auspices of Pujya Shree Gurudeva Kanjiswami.

In the temple courtyard, there is a manstambh with integrated pratima of Lord Mahaveer.

In the inner sanctum, preachings of Pujya Shree Gurudeva Kanjiswami are inscribed. On the main wall of the Swadhyaya hall, there are inscriptions of the 5 main Digamber texts Samaysara, Pravachansara, Niyamsara, Ashtpahuda and Panchastikaya. Facing the photos of Pujya Shree Gurudeva Kanjiswami are inscribed the 175 daily mental swadhyay he did which were 16 main verses of Samayasara, 47 Shakti with descriptions as written in the annexe of Samaysara, 47 Naya with descriptions as written in Pravachanasara, 20 Alingrahan Bol as per verse 172 of Pravachansara, 6 Avyakta Bol from verse 49 of Samaysara, 10 Shrimad Rajchandra bol, 24 Tirthankara names and 5 Bal Bhramchari Tirthankara names (Vasupujya Swami, Mallinath Bhagwan, Neminath Bhagwan, Parsvanath Bhagwan & Mahaveer Swami).

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