This temple is known as Shatrunjay of South Maharashtra. It was also known as Bahubali ki Pahadi. About 250 years ago a Jain monk, Bahubali Muni performed many penances here. Such was his prowess that no wild animals caused any harm to pilgrims. There is a majestic murti of Bahubali at the base of the hill (28 feet tall) and also at the top consecrated around the 12th century. There are about 400 steps to get to the top of the hill. There are various temples at the base as well as the peak of the hill. In the Swetambara temple, built in 1869AD, the main idol is that of Jagvallabh Parśvanāth. The temple was built by two brothers, Shree Nanchandbhai and Shree Fatechandbhai

Within the temple, there are a flight of steps which leads to a underground cellar in which there is a majestic murti of Ajitnāth Bhagwān. On top of this temple is a small shrine dedicated to Shantinath Bhagwan.

The Digamabar temple is called Tina (three) Murti Mandir built in 1878AD.

There are also ancient idols under the open sky. It takes you back in time when temples were called caitya which implied a murti underneath a tree with a mound of stone surrounding it.

Professional photographs by Paras Shah, Instagram 15.4p

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