Namutthunam Sutra

This sutra (hymn, verses in praise of) is believed to have been composed by the God of Gods (Indra) and is therefore also known as Śakra Stava (शक्र – a synonym of Indra, Lord of the Saudharma Devloka). When Indra realised through his avdhijnana that Lord Mahaveer was conceived, he out of immense joy and devotion recited this sutra.

It describes various attributes of the Arihants. The first word begins with Namo which means to bow down. Just as flowers emanate fragrance, similarly in the presence of Arihants one naturall bows down out of humility (vinay) and let’s go of ones ego. Vinay (humility) leads to Vijay (Victory).

Namutthuṇam Arihantāṇam Bhagavantāṇam…1
Āigarāṇam Titthayarāṇam Sayam Sambuddhāṇam …2
Purisuttamāṇam Purisa-sihāṇam Purisa-vara-pundariāṇam
Purisa-vara-gandha hatthiṇam …3
Loguttamāṇam Loga-nāhāṇam Loga-hiāṇam
Loga-paivāṇam Loga-pajjoa-garāṇam …4
Abhaya-dayāṇam Chakkhu-dayāṇam Magga-dayāṇam
Sarana-dayāṇam Bohi-dayāṇam …5
Dhamma-dayāṇam Dhamma-desayāṇam Dhamma-nāyagāṇam
Dhamma-sārahiṇam Dhamma-vara-chauranta-chakkavattiṇam …6
Appadihaya-vara-nāna-dansana-dharāṇam Viyatta-chaumāṇam …7
Jiṇāṇam-jāvayāṇam Tinnāṇam-tārayāṇam
Buddhāṇam-bohayāṇam Mutthāṇam-moagāṇam …8
Savvannuṇam savva-darisiṇam
Siddhigai nāmadheyam Thanam Sampattāṇam
Namo Jiṇāṇam Jia bhayāṇam …9
Je a aiā Siddhā Je a bhavissanti-ṇāgae-kāle
Sampai a vattamānā Savve ti-viheṇa vandāmi …10

My obeisance:
To the Arihants and the Bhagavants

To the beginners of scriptural knowledge, establishers of the tirth (four fold community of monks, nuns, male and female laity) and attainers of self-enlightenment.

To the best amongst all humans, totally fearless amongst all humans, most beautiful like a white lotus amongst all humans, best amongst all humans like a superior elephant

To the best amongst all in the universe, the masters of the universe, benefactors of the universe, like a lamp in the universe and illuminators in the entire universe

To bestowers of fearlessness, right vision, guides to follow the right path, granters of shelter and protection, bestowers of the seed of right faith to attain liberation

To bestowers of religiousness and path of right conduct, preachers of the spiritual principles & tenets, leaders of the religion, charioteers of religion and spiritual emperors who bestow the best religion (analogous to a disk) which can destroy the four states of all living beings (heavenly beings, human beings, animal / plant beings, hellish beings).

To holders of indestructible absolute knowledge and vision devoid of incompleteness

To those who have conquered their karmas and helps others to conquer them
To those who have crossed the worldly ocean of birth and death and helps others to cross it
To those who have achieved perfect knowledge (omniscience) and helps others to attain it
To those who have achieved liberation (salvation) and helps others to achieve it

To those who have infinite knowledge, infinite vision, having reached the ultimate place of well being, steady, free from any diseases, ever lasting, imperishable, free from disturbance and free from re-birth which is called Siddha Gati. Obiesance to the Jineswaras who have conquered their fear.

To all the Arihants of the past, present and future I give my obeisance in three ways (by mind, speech and body).

1. Prabodh Tika by Param Pujya Panyas BhadrankarVijayji Maharaj & Param Pujya Munishree Kalyanprabhavijayji Maharaj
2. Pratikramana Sutra With Explanation (Part 1) by Muni Nirvana Sagar
3. YouTube: Namuthunam Part 1, Namuthunam Part 2, Power of Prayers
4. Internet

I apologise and seek pardon for any unintentional errors in translation of the verses.