Bhoyani Tirth

The main idol at Bhoyani Tirth is Mallinath Bhagwan, white in colour and 104cms in height. In the past this town was well known as Padmavati nagar. As many Jain idols and relics have been found in the vicinity, it is believed to have been an important town for the Jains.

In 1873AD, Keval Patel was getting a well dug in his farm. Suddenly they heard melodious music and started looking around from where the sound was coming from. They heard a loud voice and saw the ground where they were digging split up. They carefully dug some more and found the idol of Mallinath Bhagwan along with two other murtis in the kayotsarga posture.An ascetic by the name Balchandraji identified it to be that of the 19th Tirthankar of the Jains from the emblem on the murti. Jains from nearby towns Kukvav and Kadi all gathered and desired to take the murtis to their towns. Eventually they placed the murtis in a bullock cart and itself started moving towards Bhoyani town. Keval Patel took the murtis to the house of Amtha Ravji.

It is believed that the murti is very ancient and to protect it from the Moslem attacks it was buried underground.

In 1886AD the murtis were consecrated in a magnificent temple. As the Swetambara Jains believe Mallinath Bhagwan to be the only female Tirthankara, the murti has a beautiful feminine appearance.

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