This tirth is on the Bhavnagar highway and has Munisuvrat Bhagwan as the main murti. The importance of this location is that it is where Pujya Acharyashree Vijaynandansuriswarji Maharaj left his mortal body. A brief biography of his life is as follows:

  • Born in Botad to parents Shree Hemchandbhai and Shrimati Jamnabai and was named Narottam in 1898AD
  • Due to religious atmosphere at home, he learnt Panch Pratikraman, Jiva Vichar, etc at a very young age.
  • He had three good friends Gulabchand, Amritlal & Lavjibhai who like him became monks called Acharya Vijayamritsuriswarji, Acharya Vijaylavanyasuriswarji & Muni Gunavijayji.
  • Shasan Samrat Acharya Nemisuriswarji Maharaj visited Botad and during his spiritual discourses Narottam and his three friends decided to renounce the worldly life and become ascetics. Their families initially did not consent.
  • Narottam went to Ahemdabad and was initiated as Muni Nandanvijay. He diligently studied under various Pandits and senior monks. He also engaged in profound discussions with scholars and learned personalities on Jainism and various other philosophies.
  • He was conferred the title of “Acharya” thirteen years after become a monk at 28 years of age. Many in the Jain community felt that this was a very young age to become an Acharya and objected, but eventually were convinced.
  • He did Pratistha at various locations including Mahuva, Palitana and Ranakpura.
  • In 1975AD he left his mortal body at Tagdi.

1. Some photos from WorldOrg