Zanzibar Derasar

This tiny coastal town on the Indian Ocean is believed to have the first Jain derasar outside India in the entire world. Indians started to migrate to Africa since the 18th century and since ages Zanzibar was a gateway to Africa. In Zanzibar many Kutchi Jain traders settled whereas in the rest of East Africa Halari Visa Oshwals were the majority.

The temple in Zanzibar was built in 1905. The first murtis ever consecrated outside India were that of Parsvanath Bhagwan, Shantinath Bhagwan and Mahaveerswami (click the links below to listen to Stavans).

In 1964, during the Zanzibar revolution, all the three murtis were sent to Nairobi for safe keeping and are currently at the Munisuvrat derasar.

In 2009, the Tanzanian Jain community decided to renovate the Zanzibar Kutchi Jain Derasar building and three new murtis of the same tirthankars were consecrated. The temple is on the third floor in the Stone town area. Every year during Easter the Dar es Salaam Jain sangh go to Zanzibar for Dhaja and Poojan Mahotsav.

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