Shāntidhām (Tithal)

There is a grand temple located at the coastal town of Tithal, near Valsād in Southern Gujarat.

In the basement there is Shakti Mandir of Padmāvati Mātā. Numerous meditation, mantra, swadhyaya (educational) & spiritual camps are held for spiritual upliftment.

Shāntidhām has been established through the inspiration of Pujya Shree Jinchandraji Māhārāj who is a Jain monk, dynamic orator and has travelled widely around the world to propagate the Jain philosophy. He along with his late two brothers were popularly known as Bandhu Triputi. They were one of the earliest pioneers of propagating the Jain religion outside India – to Africa, Europe, America and around the globe through their complimentary strengths in meditation, discourses and bhakti (devotional songs & prayers).

There are numerous soul stirring, eloquent lectures of Pujya Shree Jinchandraji Māhārāj on YouTube explaining various facets of the Jain philosophy.

You can also download Shantidham App from Android and Apple Store