Nandiya Tirth

Nandiya tirth has great significance to the Jains as it is where Lord Mahaveer, in spite of being warned by the locals not to pass through the forest as there was a dangerous snake, went ahead and was bit by the wrath of Chandakaushik. Having universal compassion for all living beings, Lord Mahaveer uttered the words “bujjah bujjah” (Bujhanā (बुझना) is a verb which means to extinguish, to quench, to put out → implying “Awake”, “Calm Down” and extinguish your anger) to Chandakaushika snake.

There is a temple with a spellbinding murti (idol) of Lord Mahaveer thought to have been built by Shree Nandivardhan who was Lord Mahaveer’s elder brother. It is known as “jivit” since it is from the time he was living on earth.

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What a spiritual satisfaction we get from doing darshan of the exact spot where Lord Mahaveer once stood and through his universal love and compassion spiritually uplifted Chandakaushika snake.

Some believe that the location where Lord Mahaveer pacified Chandakaushik snake is in Jogi Pahadi in the Ushka village near Sainthia town of West Bengal.

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