Kallaṇa Kandam Stuti

Obeisance is given to Lord Ādināth, Lord Śāntināth, Lord Nemināth, Lord Pārsvanāth and Lord Māhāveerswāmi in the first verse and to all the Jineshwaras in the second verse. The holy Jain scriptures called Āgams are glorified in the third stanza followed by the Goddess of scriptures, Saraswati devi, in the fourth stanza.

It is believed to have been composed by Pujya Shree Jinvijayji Maharaj around 1690AD. It is also known as Panchdeva stuti.

Kallāṇa-Kandam Padhamam Jiṇindam
Santim Tao Nemi-Jiṇam Muṇindam
Pāsam Payāsam Suguṇikka-thāṇam
Bhattii Vande Siri Vaddhamāṇam

Apara Sansara Samudda Param
Pattā Sivam Dintu Suikka-Sāram
Savve Jiṇindā Sura-Vinda-Vandā
Kallāṇa-Valliṇa Visāla-Kandā …2

Nivvāṇa-Magge Vara-Jāṇa-Kappam
Mayam Jiṇāṇam Saraṇam Buhāṇam
Namāmi Niccam Tijaga-ppahāṇam …3

Kundindu Gokkhira Tusāra-Vannā
Saroja Hatthā Kamale Nisannā
Vāesiri Putthaya Vagga Hatthā

Suhāya Sā Amha Sayā Pasatthā …4

My obeisance to:
Lord Adināth who is a source of prosperity (implying liberation) to all living beings and to Lord
Lord Nemināth who is the Lord of the Munis
Lord Parsvanāth who is like a form of spiritual illumination and an abode of noble virtues
Lord Mahaveerswami with deep devotion … (1)

Oh Jineshwars whose qualities are as follows, please bestow upon me the essence of all scriptures and endow me with the ultimate bliss of liberation:

Having crossed endless oceans of life
Revered by assemblies of heavenly deities
Like the ultimate provider of spiritual prosperity …(2)

I always venerate and give my obeisance to Jineshwar Bhagwants who:
have proclaimed the ideal path to achieve liberation in their scriptures
– have disproved the false doctrines of those advocating their own single minded viewpoints
– the most learned scholars turn to for guidance
– are the best in the entire three worlds …(3)

May the Goddess of learning, Saraswati Devi, always bestow happiness . She holds a lotus in one hand and a collection of books on another hand & is is seated on a lotus. Her complexion is as follows:
– Like the fragrant jasmine flower (mogarā मोगरा)

– Like the full moon
– Like cows’ milk
– Like the snow … (4)

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1. Prabodh Tika by Param Pujya Panyas BhadrankarVijayji Maharaj & Param Pujya Munishree Kalyanprabhavijayji Maharaj
2. Navsmaran by Dhirajlal D Mehta
3. Nav Smaran by Dr. Vinod Kapashi
4. Internet
5. Santikaram with Raag & Lyrics

I apologise and seek pardon for any unintentional errors in translation of the verses.