Girnār Tirth

Girnār is one of the holiest of Jain pilgrimages. In fact the exalted status that Sammet Shikhar holds in this time cycle as 20 out of 24 Tirthankaras achieved liberation from this holy mountain will be replaced by Girnar as in the next time cycle all 24 Tirthankaras will achieve liberation from Girnār.

Click here to visit which is a dedicated website providing detailed history and information on Girnār. Acharya Hemvallabhvijayji Maharaj is the inspiration behind the recent renaissance of Girnār. He has infact taken a lifelong vow of doing Ayembel daily and climbing Girnar. He has authored a book which has been translated into English, Girnar Beckons, which gives an extensive account of the significance of Girnar for the Jains.

Realising the importance of Girnar, every Jain should aspire to do a Yatra of this tirth at least once in their lifetime. It is in Junagadh city which was at the risk of being acceded to Pakistan during the partition. This would have made doing a pilgrimage at this holy site a real challenge for the Jains. Mount Revatak, another name for Girnar hill, has 5 peaks. It is a holy site for Jains, Hindus and Muslims.

The Neminath temple is the main attraction for the Jains. It was built around 1128AD to 1159AD. The tale of his would be bride, Rajimati is testament to the utmost compassion Jain tirthankaras have towards animals and all living beings. The intriguing tale of Sajjan Mantri who built the temples at Girnar is fascinating.

The pakshal ceremony (ablution of Lord Neminath’s murti) is uniquely celebrated daily with great pomp and devotion. video.

In 2016, doliwalis pointed to pilgrims a pair of white and black coloured dogs who do the yatra of Girnar daily. In 2000 the same pilgrims again witnessed the two dogs climbing the mountain. It really gives credence to the fact that these dogs must be highly elevated souls in their previous lives and in spite of being born in the tiryancha gati they are attracted to Mount Girnar and purifying their souls.

When visiting Girnar, pilgrims are requested do the yatra on foot instead of using the recently built cable car ropeway to imbibe the sanctity of this holy mountain.

“Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road”

It is recommended to descend via the Sahasavan route and visit the shrines where Lord Neminath accepted asceticism (diksha), attained omniscience (kevalgyana) and liberation (moksha).

As the detailed history and significance of Girnar mountain is given in the links provided above, it is not repeated here. Instead, immerse yourself in doing Bhava Yatra from the picture gallery below.

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2. YouTube video on Girnar by Dr. Saurabh Shah
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