Nepal Jain Mandir

Nepal is the only Hindu kingdom of the world with the constitutional monarchy and
multi-party democracy.

It also has a long history associated with the Jains. Lord Adināth’s son Bharat Chakravarti is believed to have performed penances in Pulhāsrama (which is today called Muktināth) on the banks of River Gandaki in Nepal. Moreover, the 19th Tirthankar Lord Mallinath and the 21st Tirthankar Lord Naminath were both born in Mithilāpuri (Nepal).

Achārya Bhadrabāhu (author of Kalpa Sutra) who was the last of the Shruta Kevali spent 12 years in Nepal meditating and performing Maha Prana Dhyana. Acharya Sthulibhadra went to him to learn all the canonical Aagams. He left his mortal body 170 years after Lord Mahaveer’s nirvana.

Lord Mahaveer Jain Niketan was inaugurated in 1979. A unique temple with Digambar murtis on the ground floor and Swetambara murtis on the floor above signifies unity amongst the Jains living in Nepal. The consecration (pratistha) ceremony took place in 1996.

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