Hastagiri was once considered to be part of Mount Shatrunjay. Even today you can see the Hastagiri temples in the far distance from Shatrunjay mountain.

This is where Lord Adeshwar’s son Bharat Chakravati and grandson Hastisenmuni attained salvation. It is believed that Bharat Chakravati’s elephant performed intense austerities and went to devaloka (abode of angels) and therefore this place is called Hastagiri. In Sanskrit Hasta means an elephant’s trunk and giri means a mountain.

There is a majestic, ornate, octagonal shaped temple which has been recently constructed. The cool breeze from the waters of River Shatrunjay gives bliss to the pilgrims. The pillars are massive giving a feeling of bountiful spiritual serenity. It was built in 1979 under the blessings and inspiration of Gachhadipati Shree Ramchandrasuriswarji Maharaj. There is a Chaturmukhi pratimas of Lord Rishabhdeva. In one of the peaks, footprints of Lord Adeshwar are there. One can see the Shatrunjay and Kadambgiri temples in the distant horizon.

Many have attained self realisation here after performing austere austerities.

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