18 Pāpasthānaka Sutra

This sutra seeks forgiveness for sins committed in 18 different ways.

Situations, circumstances or mental inclinations which lead to influx of sins (harmful karmas) is called pāpasthānaka. This sutra encompasses 18 different ways which result in the influx of bad karmas. It is the essence of all the various activities which humans should avoid as espounded by wise and noble souls. Of all these, the last vice of mithyātva shalya (wrong faith) is the most harmful as it leads a person away from the right God, Guru and Religion.

Pehele Prānātipāta
First, violence to any form of life

Bije Mŕshāvāda
Second, speaking lies, untruth / unpleasant / unwholesome or discourteous words

Trije Adattā-dāna
Third, stealing (taking anything that is not given by the owner voluntarily)

Chothe Maithuna
Fourth, sexual / amorous / lustful activities

Pānchme Parigraha
Fifth, possessiveness / obsession with feeling of ownership & attachment

Chatthe Krodha
Sixth, anger

Sātme Māna
Seventh, pride

Āthme Māyā
Eighth, decit

Navme Lobha
Ninth, greed

Dasme Rāga
Tenth, attachment

Agyārme Dveṣa
Eleventh, hatred

Bārme Kalaha
Twelfth, quarrels / disputes / battles

Terme Abhyākhyāna
Thirteenth, false accusations

Caudme Paisunya 
Fourteenth, backbiting / slandering

Pandarme Rati-Arati
Fifteenth, pleasure & sorrow

Sodme Par-Parivāda
Sixteenth, condemnation / speaking ill or wrong of others

Satarme Māyā-mrshāvāda
Seventeenth, fraudulent or deceitful lies

Addharme Mithyātva-shalya
Eighteenth, thorn of disbelief / false belief

Karate hue kā anumodana kiya ho (in Gujarati Hantā pratye anumodhyo hoi)
Having appreciated others committing violence

E Adhār Pāpsthānakmāhi Māhare Jive, Je Koi Pāpa Sevyu hoi / Sevarāvyu hoi / Sevatā pratye anumodhyu hoiTe Sarve Mana Vachana Kāyāe Kari, Micchāmi Mi Dukkadam                         
Out of these 18 types of sins, if I have committed any of them, have caused others to commit them or appreciated / encouraged others to commit them, I seek forgiveness by thought, words & deeds (may all misdeeds of mine become fruitless)

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