Chintāmani Pārśvanāth Tirth (Bhelupur)

The significance of this tirth in Bhelupur, Varanasi is that it is blessed with four kalyanaks (conception, birth, asceticism, omniscience) of Bhagwān Parśvanāth. It is from here that Bhagwan Parśvanāth gave him first sermon after becoming omniscient. And it is the very same tirth where Lord Parśvanāth recited Navkar Mantra to a pair of burning snakes during the havan (sacrificial fire) of Yogi Kamath and who became his heavenly guardian deities Dharnendra and Padmāvati Mātā.

The murti (idol) of Chintāmani Pārśvanāth is alluring, miraculous and nectar to the eye. Various ancient scriptures have made references to this tirth.

Lord Pārśvanāth, the 23rd tirthankar, was born in 840BC at Bhelupur in Varanasi (UP). His father Asvasena was King of Varanasi and his mother’s name was Vama. He was married to Prabhāvati who was the daughter of King Prasenjit. After 30 years of a householder’s life he became a monk. Lord Parśvanāth attained Moksha in 740BC at Sammet Shikhar (the only kalyanak which is not at Bhelupur).

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