Sammetshikhar Parshwadham

Within 5kms of Shankeshwar Tirth is a new tirth called Sammetshikar Parshwadham.

It is being built with 180 acres of land emulating Sammetshikhar Tirth in Bihar where 20 out of the 24 Tirthankars attained moksha.
The main murti is that of a 3000 year old, svayambhu (self manifested i.e. not created by humans), black coloured, Shree Shamla Parswanath Bhagwan unearthed from the town of Shankhalpur.

The construction plan is grand as illustrated below and when complete there will be 125,000 idols within all the shrines.

There are also shrines dedicated to Manibhadra Dev & Padmavati Mata.

The temple has been blessed by Pujya Acharyashree Hemchandrasagar Suriswarji Maharaj Saheb’s disciple Pujya Acharyashree Punyachandrasagar Suriswarji Maharaj Saheb and Pujya Agamchandrasagar Suriswarji Maharaj Saheb.