The ancient name of Mahuva was Madhumati. It is the birth place of many legendary Jain personalities such as Sheth Javad Shah (he donated for the 13th restoration of Shatrunjay mountain around 100AD), Sheth Jagadu Shah and Virchand Raghavji Gandhi who represented Jains at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893. The birthplace of Shree Morari Bapu, a devout Hindu devotee and preacher, is in a village close to Mahuva.

Eminent Acharya Shree Nemisuriswarji Maharaj was also born and went to heavenly abode from Mahuva. The pujari explained that such was the Acharya’s prowess that even today the flowers placed at the feet of his shrine do not wither.
Another great monk Pujya Vijay Dharma Suri Maharaj, disciple of Pujya Acharyashree Vriddhi Chandra Maharaj, was also born in Mahuva. He was one of the few liberal monks of his age to support Western interest in Jainology and advised Hermann Jacobi and Helen Johnson.

There is an ancient temple of Lord Mahaveer known as Jivit Mahaveer Swami as it is believed to have been built by Lord Mahaveer’s elder brother Shree Nandivardhan during his lifetime. There are quite a few other Jain temples in Mahuva.

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