Jain Center New Jersey

Indians first came to the USA in the early 19th century, but as more opportunities arose by the 20th century the population grew larger. In 1893, Virachand Gandhi became the first Jain delegate to visit the United States, representing Jainism in the first ever Parliament of World Religions. He is indeed a key figure in the history of Jainism in America. Pujya Gurudeva Chitrabhanu first came to the USA in 1971 and Pujya Acharya Sushilkumar in 1975.

The Jain Center of New Jersey is one of the largest Jain Sangh in USA. In 1978 Pujya Gurudeva Chitrabhanu visited New Jersey and blessed the community to form a center and build a majestic Jain temple. Initially, a small derasar was established at Essex Fells, near to Caldwell.

As the community grew, the site at Franklin in New Jersey was purchased in December 2000. Bhumi pujan was performed on 18th May 2003 and Shilaropan on 22nd June 2003. In the true spirit of communal unity, there is a Shwetambar Derasar, Digambar Mandir, Sthanakvasi Upashraya and Shrimad Rajchandra Dhyan Mandir. Anjana Shalaka of 5 divine murtis of Munisuvrat Swami (41″, Moolnayak), Mahaveer Swami (37″, on the right), Vasupjya Swami (37″, on the far right), Simmandhar Swami (37″, on the left) & Shankeshwar Parsvanath (37″, on the far left) was performed with the blessings of Pujya Acharya Rajyashsuriji Maharaj at Kulpakji Tirth near Hyderabad in December 2008. The pratistha of this grand derasar was celebrated on 7th July 2012.

In the derasar there are murtis of several prominent holy pilgrimages in India, murtis of Deva and Devis and a majestic model of Ashtapad made of 10 tonnes of quartz crystal stone with 24 Ratna (jewel) murtis.


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