Jaṃ Kiṇci Sutra

This is a short prayer, but very profound. With the power of imagination and devotional feelings, one bows down to all the various pilgrimages throughout the universe. Even though due to circumstances, old age or ill health we may not be able to be physically present at any of the holy Jain pilgrim centres, we can pay our obeisance through this prayer.

Jaṃ kiṇci nāma-titthaṃ
Sagge pāyāli māṇuse loe
Jāiṃ jiṇa-biṃbāiṃ
Tāiṃ savvāiṃ vaṇdāmi

Whichever pilgrimages are present by name, whichever Jinesvar Bhagwans idols be present in heaven, nether world and human world, I offer my obeisance to all of them


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  2. Pratikramana Sutra With Explanation (Part 1) by Muni Nirvana Sagar
  3. Internet

I apologise and seek pardon for any unintentional errors in translation of the verses.