Munisuvrat Derasar, Nairobi

The Munisuvrat derasar in Nairobi was consecrated in February 1984. Murtis were brought from India and skilled artisen took years to build a magnificent temple. The temple was built by the Oshwal community. The foundation stone was laid on 22 January 1976. The consecration ceremony (pratistha mahotsav) was between 4 February to 12 February 1984.

The first Jains are believed to have come to Kenya in 1899. Paul Dundas mentions that a Śwetambar Jain temple existed in Nairobi since 1926. It is also believed that the early settlers formed a “ghar derasar” (house temple) in 1957. Pujya Gurudeva Chitrabhanu visited Nairobi in 1971 and encouraged the community to build a grand temple. The Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi assisted and gave guidance for building the temple. Pink sand stone from Balasore gives the temple its unique pinkish hue.

There are 10 murtis:

  • Munisuvratswami, Ajitnath Bhagwan and Shreyansnath Bhagwan;
  • Parsvanath Bhagwan, Shantinath Bhagwan & Mahaveerswami (these three murtis were sent from Zanzibar and on 22 August 1971 were temporarily installed at a Ghar derasar);
  • Shantinath Bhagwan, Anantnath Bhagwan & Arnath Bhagwan.
  • Chandraprabhu Bhagwan

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The inner walls are adorned with murals of prominent pilgrim sites in India and Devas and Devis.

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