Egāsanā / Biyāsanā Pachkhān

The vow of Ekāsanā is to consume only one meal a day, whilst the vow of Biyāsanā is to take two meals during the day (anytime 48 minutes after sunrise and before sunset – during this period it is possible to consume adequately boiled, cooled water [which lasts upto 3 prahar] at anytime ideally by sitting on the floor and with folded fist recite 3 Navkar before consuming water and then recite 3 Navkar before getting up).

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Condensed Ekasana Pachkhan by Samani Punya Pragyaji

Uggae sure [namukkāra-sahiam / porisim / saddhaporisim]
sure uggae [purimaddha / avaddha mutthi-sahiam] pachakkhāi (pachkkhāmi)
uggae sure chauvvihampi, āhāram – asanam, pāṇam, khāimam, sāimam
anatthaṇā-bhogeṇam, sahasā-gāreṇam, pacchanna-kāleṇam,
disā-moheṇam, sāhu-vayaneṇam, mahattarā-gāreṇam,
savva-samāhi-vattiyā-gāreṇam vigaio pachakkhāi (pachkkhāmi)
anatthaṇā-bhogeṇam, sahasā-gāreṇam, levā-leveṇam,
gihattha-sansattheṇam, ukhitta-vivegeṇam, pāritthāvaiyā-gāreṇam,
mahattarā-gāreṇam, savva-samāhi-vattiyā-gāreṇam,

[egāsaam / biyāsanam]* pachakkhāi (pachkkhāmi),
tivihampi āhāram – asaṇam, khāimam, sāimam, anatthaṇā-bhogeṇam,
sahasā-gāreṇam, sāgariyā-gareṇam, āuntaa-pasāreṇam,
guru-abbhutthāṇeṇam, pāritthāvaiyā-gāreṇam, mahattarā-gāreṇam,
savva-samāhi-vattiyā-gāreṇam, pāṇassa levea vā , alevea vā
acchea vā, bahalea vā, sasitthea vā, asitthea vā, vosirai (vosirami)

* recite either egāsaṇam / biyāsanam depending on which pachkhan is being performed

You shall observe (I take) the vow to avoid from sunrise four types of food comprising eatables, liquids, refreshments (fruits / nuts) and mouth refreshers. To break the fast you should (I will) fold the fist, recite Namaskar Mahamantra and then consume any food / liquids (avoid vigais if taken the vow to refrain from it) after 1 porisi, 1.5 porisi, 2 porisi or 3 porisi EXCEPT through forgetfulness, sudden or extraordinary circumstances requiring intake of food, difficulty in judging the time, uncertainty about the directions to determine time, insistance by ascetics, sangh or Acharya or for the sake of maintaining peace, well-being and equanimity.

You shall oberve (I take) the vow of avoiding three types of food until the time for Ekasana or Biyasana, without the vow being violated due to the following EXCEPTIONS out of forgetfulness, sudden or extraordinary circumstances requiring intake of food, presence of laity (this except pertains ascetics who are not supposed to consume food in the presence of householders), if necessary to stretch or contract limbs, get up on arrival of preceptor or elders, for disposing, upon command of Sangh or Acharya, to maintain peace and equanimity during times of intense pain/suffering; provided that water to be taken is pure, subject to impact of sour materials (e.g. tamarind), supernatant buttermilk, rice water, supernatant rice water with or without particles of rice

1. Prabodh Tika by Param Pujya Panyas BhadrankarVijayji Maharaj & Param Pujya Munishree Kalyanprabhavijayji Maharaj
2. Pratikramana Sutra With Explanation (Part 2) by Muni Nirvana Sagar
3. Internet

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