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Ancient Jain scripture composed over 650 years

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Jainism is an ancient pristine philosophy. Jain scriptures and pilgrimages can elevate our soul and endow us with wisdom and bliss.

Let’s explore, understand, appreciate and get inspired by the Jain faith.


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Jain Treasures focuses on:


Interesting articles to do with the fascinating aspects of the Jain philosophy and way of life


Provide helpful information and advice to anyone who wishes to go on Jatra (Jain pilgrimage)


Document the wonders and treasures of Jainism in the Gallery


Spiritual development through reading the articles on the Blog page.



How Jain Treasures has benefitted people

Jain Treasures has helped me produce engaging and thrilling assemblies and speeches for a Jain Assembly at my secondary school. Thank you for all of the wonderful information on this website


Yash Shah

Founder, Bytes of Intelligence


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Explore the wonders of Jainism:
Jain Concept of Mind

Jains believe that mind is an organ of apprehension of all objects of all the sense organs of all the three periods of time, i.e. past, present and future. It is not just in the head, but pervades all…

563 types of living beings

Jiva (consciousness) can be classified into two types: (a) Liberated (Mukta) (b) Sansāri (undergo cycle of birth and death): non-liberated souls. These can be classified into 563 divisions according t…

Paryāpti (bio-potential)

Paryāpti (पर्याप्ति) means “completeness”. It is bio-potential power (vital force) of the consciousness (soul). It means accumulation of pudgala (matter) at the very beginning of re-birth and the capa…


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