Paryāpti (bio-potential)

Paryāpti (पर्याप्ति) means “completeness”. It is bio-potential power (vital force) of the consciousness (soul). It means accumulation of pudgala (matter) at the very beginning of re-birth and the capacity of the soul to transform matter into its relevant utility (functionality)… Read More »Paryāpti (bio-potential)

Qualities of Siddha

In the holy Navkar Mantra, in the second verse obeisance is given to the Siddha Bhagwants. They have 8 qualities based on the destruction of the 8 types of karmas as follows:


Did you know each one of the 11 Ganadharas of Lord Mahaveer had doubts about the true essence of life before they became his main disciples.  

The Jain Holy Trinity

Who do Jains pray to?Jains pray to the Panch Parmesthis (5 Supreme beings) who are:(i) Arihant(ii) Siddha(iii) Ācharyā(iv) Upadhyāyas(v) Sādhus / Sādhvis Arihant is one who is present in one of the 15 karma bhumis, has a body like ours… Read More »The Jain Holy Trinity