What are the fundamental tattvas (principles) of Jainism?

How many categories of truth are there? Is it 2, 7 or 2+7=9?

In essence, Jainism advocates two fundamental tattvas (तत्त्व → “supreme principles) within the entire universe: Jiva (consciousness) and Ajiva (non-consciousness). It is important to understand the concept to progress spiritually and to enhance one’s samyak darshana (right faith).

The two fundamental tattvas (Jiva and Ajiva) can be further sub-divided. Shwetambaras consider 9 sub divisions whilst Digambaras consider 7 sub divisions as illustrated above.

All mundane souls are subject to the first 8 categories and the aim is to achieve the 9th category moksha (liberation). It is important to have knowledge (gneya) of all the categories of truth; however it is worth accepting punya (beneficial karmas), samvara (stoppage of karmas), nirjara (shedding of karmas) as they all lead to moksha (liberation) and worth abandoning papa (detrimental karmas), asrava (infliux of karmas) & bandha (bondage of karmas) as they all keep us away from achieving moksha.

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