Bāmanwāda Tirth

Bāmanwāda is one of the most exquisite Jain temples with an immense historical significance. King Samprati had taken a vow to vist 5 Jain tirths every year and Bāmanwāda is one of them.

It is where the herdsman pierced nails into Lord Māhāveer’s ears. This was due to past karmas he committed during the life of Triprishtha. There is a murti of Lord Māhāveer in standing kayotsarga posture with footprints beneath it indicating the exact location where this occurred. Next to this spot you can witness a crack in the wall due to the scream of agony when the nails were removed from Lord Māhāveer’s ears.

Inside the temple there is a Chomukhi murti of Lord Māhāveer (four idols facing the four cardinal directions) and also radiant murtis of Tirthankars made out of rare gemstones associated to the Nav Grahas as follows:


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