SRMD London Spiritual Centre

The SRMD London Spiritual Centre is located in Bushey, North West London. It used to be Falconer Hall and owned by the Bushey Parochial Church Council. It was built in 1888 and was used as a place of worship for the Christians and community hall until it was purchased by SRMD London in 2017.

The consecration ceremony was performed by Pujya Gurudeva Shree Rakeshbhai on 1 January 2019.

The center includes a Jinmandir and Guru mandir. Tonnes of makrana marble were imported for the construction of the Jin Mandir. Makrana marble is a metamorphic rock and this rare stone is believed to be found only in India. Since it contains 98% calcium it is resistant to water seepage and retains its shine and white colour for a long time. The mesmerising murti of Lord Mahaveer is made of this makrana marble.

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