Pilgrimages (Yātrā यात्रा)

A pilgrimage is the best yardstick of our reverence and faith.
Pilgrimages are windows through which we can peep into spiritualism of the past.
The magnitude of spiritual power, intensity and the waves of consciousness in the atmosphere of pilgrimages cannot be found at any other place in the world.

Jain Pilgrimages by Mahopadhyaya Lalitprabh Sagar

Pilgrimage imparts Life to Religion. Pilgrimage is Spiritual Ecstasy.
Pilgrimage is the Ultimate Destination. Life itself is a Pilgrimage.

“Purity of mind and senses, wisdom, truth, freedom from anger, pride and sins and regarding all creatures as their own selves is the essence of all pilgrimages”


A short but profound prayer paying obeisance to all Jain pilgrimages.


If you visit any Jain pilgrimages or have high quality photos / videos, please share it with Jain Treasures so that more people can get an opportunity to do Bhava Yātrā.
1. Please mention name and location of tirth
2. Please send high quality photos / video clips of the tirth
3. Please send photos of murtis / inside of the temple if managements permits it.
4. Send it to info@jaintreasures.org.uk / or send it by WhatsApp to +44 7863 720 298
5. If possible, please send details / history of the Tirth (in English / Hindi or Gujarati).