How many bodies can we have as per the Jain philosophy?

Soul (JIVA) is consciousness and is an independent entity, totally separate from any bodies associated with it.

As can be observed from the diagram below, JIVA is enveloped by karmic matter. Thus, soul is in a state of flux affected by the influence of passions and the effect of all the various types of karmas enveloping the soul. The vibrations pass through the karma body and are “coloured” or tainted by them which is called adhyavasāya. Therefore kaśāya has the connotation of the soul being “coloured” or tainted (just as the colouring of the dye is imparted to the cloth, similarly the passions (anger, pride, deceit and greed) impart taint to the soul shrouding its true nature). Adhyavasaya makes up our personality and can be understood as subtle consciousness which is primarily impacted by:
(i) Mithyātva (perversity)
(ii) Avirati (Non-restraint)
(iii) Pramāda (non-vigilance)
(iv) Kaśāya (passions)
These vibrations enter the taijasa sarira (body) which controls/affects body through bioelectric energy.
Jains believe that Karmic body and Taijas Body always accompany the soul until it achieves liberation whereby the soul remains in its everlasting pure form. Thus, one can readily “scientifically” understand the concept of reincarnation because if the karmic and taijas bodies always accompany the soul, then they will render their utility.
When the adhyavasaya interacts with the taijas body, it results in Lesya – feelings. We all have experienced how our mood is affected by our surroundings (including the colour around us). This explains why sound and colour can affect us. Prekshā Dhyāna (meditation) uses conducive sound and colours for attitudnal change and transformation. Lesyas affect our endocrine glands which influence the secretion of hormones which affects our nervous system and brain manifesting into our actions, thoughts, speech, conduct and behaviour. Jains have defined 6 lesyas each representing specific qualities and traits in a person.

The physical body we possess is called Audarika Sarira. If the soul is born in heavenly or hellish region, then the body it acquires is called Vaikriya Sarira which is able to transform itself into various forms and dimensions. There is also another body called Āharak body which only certain elevated ascetics can acquire through intense spiritual practices which is used to travel to different worlds where a a Tirthankar is currently present to resolve any spiritual enigmas.

Thus, in conclusion Jains believe that a soul can have 5 different bodies (Audarika, Vaikriya, Aharak, Taijas, Karma), of which 2 of them (Karma and Taijas) always accompany the soul until such time it achieves liberation having no bodies attached to it whatsoever.

How astute were the Eastern sages as observed by Mr. Leadbeater

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